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Featuring Your only Real choice: Realcloset.
Let Accent help you solve your closet needs. Sales and installation avaliable.

Reasonably priced
Realcloset is a great value compared to most major closet manufacturers.

Environmentally friendly
Realcloset is made from FSC certified products, are CARB II compliant and use a UV water born finish, this makes for an  environmentally friendly product with no premium cost to you.

All wood construction
Unlike all the other closet companies that use particale board, Realcloset is a plywood core product with real maple profiled edges.

Longer length shelving
Realcloset's patent pending TWIN BEAM SHELF is one of the strongest in the industry allowing spans up to 5' in length.

Plywood construction
Twin Beam Shelf
Twin Beam Shelves, available in 12" and 16" depths
All plywood construction
"Everyone deserves a Realcloset"